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Dr. Maria Haas Dr. David Haas

“Our family has had a wonderful experience at Dr. Haas’s office. Great doctor and an exceptional staff.” — Karen N.

“I liked taking my children to Drs. Haas for their orthodontic needs because I really appreciated how kind they were to my children and was thrilled with their beautiful results. They were clear about their expectations on how the appliances were to be worn and properly taken care of, but were friendly and professional at each visit. I recommend them often to my friends.” — Kathleen P.

“Drs. David and Maria Haas both were wonderful. I felt very comfortable when I went for my first appointment. They walked me through where my teeth were at and how they could make them better. Everyone on their staff was very helpful and cheerful. Drs. David and Maria Haas both helped me have a more confident and healthy smile. I cannot thank them enough.” — Conner C.

“I started on my orthodontic journey about five years ago with Dr. Haas and his staff. They fitted me with Invisalign® and my teeth, bite, and smile are now perfect! Everyone at Dr. Haas’s office was friendly, including the administrative staff. I stop by now for a ‘tune-up’ on my retainers and have a couple of laughs! If you need any kind of orthodontic work, this is the place to go.” — Jim K.

“We are on the third generation of our family going to Dr. David and Dr. Maria Haas Orthodontics! We continue to go back to Haas Orthodontics generation after generation for a number of reasons. The staff is always warm and friendly, and the knowledge base and care by the doctors are exceptional. We get the same doctors each visit, and they know our history, so we don’t have to start from scratch with a new doctor each visit. They are also up to date with the current treatment options. Our son is looking forward to the next step of his treatment, which will include Invisalign. What we most appreciate is that there is care and concern for each patient, and each patient receives individualized care. We wouldn’t go anywhere else!” — Beth D.

“Dr. Haas and his staff have a very calming effect on anxious children.  He and his staff are always professional, friendly and courteous. We are very pleased with the progress our 10-year-old has made.” — The Lee Family

My experience with Dr. David Haas began way before I started my orthodontic treatment.  In the late 1960's, as a student at St. Hilary Catholic School in Fairlawn, Ohio, I can remember meeting Dr. Haas and his staff.  They would come to the school to pass out toothbrushes, and more importantly, talk to the students about good and proper oral hygiene and being sure to always take care of our teeth.  I always wanted braces and did need them, but as one of seven children all attending Catholic grade school or Catholic high school at the same time, braces just had to be on the waiting list.  And the wait sure paid off.  At the age of 18, about to embark on my freshman year of college, my parents and I decided that this was the time.  And of course, I chose Dr. Haas.  I was so impressed with the whole process, from the initial meeting, x-rays, photos and the detailed consultation before beginning my treatment.  Dr. Haas is always up to date on the most current and effective treatments, i.e. the infamous expander, which I did wear.  I knew exactly what my treatment would entail, how long it would take and what it would cost.  My treatment with Dr. Haas was very successful.  So many years later, when it came time for orthodontic treatment for all three of my children, I returned to Drs. David and Maria Haas.  My children, too, had very successful results.  The process was still very much the same, from the in-depth consultation, wearing of expanders, adjusting of braces, etc.  All three had a great orthodontic experience.  Drs. David and Maria are smart, caring doctors with great integrity, and their staff is second to none.  We are grateful for what they all contrubuted ot he Weber orthodontic successes.  They were 4 for 4 for us, which gives them a 100%, A+ rating!

Candi Krause Weber, Wadsworth, Ohio

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