What Sets Us Apart

Unique Care for Unique Smiles

You are an individual, with your own goals and concerns. You deserve an orthodontic experience that’s tailored to you. Dr. David G. Haas, Dr. Maria C. Haas, and our team offer patient-centered care that’s affordable and efficient, and creates the most incredible smiles!

As an independent orthodontic office, we’re not insurance-based. While we work with insurance companies, we don’t contract with them. This ensures we’re able to provide the right type and level of care, as well as an exceptional treatment experience, for you.

Our Philosophy

We want you to attain a lifetime of smiles that are not only beautiful, but healthy, too. Orthodontic care is about making a lasting, positive change in your life. While many people think it’s all about appearance, treatment goes much deeper than that.

When your teeth are properly aligned, you’re better able to brush and floss thoroughly. This decreases the likelihood of developing dental disease. In addition, when your teeth are in the right position, your bite is better. This means less strain on the jaw as well as facial and neck muscles. It also means you can chew your food properly, for improved nutrition.

Our practice offers early orthodontic treatment. This is key to correcting small issues before they become big ones. With early treatment, we’re able to intervene and ensure the jaw and bite develop correctly. As a result, it’s less likely, though not guaranteed, the child will need surgical orthodontics or extractions.

Amazing Smiles at Any Age

Today’s advanced orthodontic treatments enable us to help people develop amazing smiles, no matter what their age. Even better, we can do so almost invisibly! Using ceramic (clear) brackets or Invisalign® clear aligners, we can gently shift your teeth into the correct position, and no one will know you’re undergoing treatment.

If you’re an adult who yearns for a beautiful and confident smile, we can help.

Our Commitment to Excellence

We believe you deserve the highest quality of clinical care. We also believe you deserve customer service that has you smiling. We’re here to serve and help, whether you need appointment times that work with your busy life, seek financial options that fit with your budget, or have questions about care options.

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Please contact our patient-centered orthodontic office in Akron, OH, to schedule a consultation. We’d love to introduce you to our practice, teach you about orthodontics and what it can do for you, and help you make an educated decision about your future smile. Call today!

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